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Yoga Teacher Himanshu


Himanshu was born in Mathura in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Raising in the spiritual culture motivated him to practice Yoga at the early childhood. He started studying Patanjali Yog sutra and Hatha Yoga pradapika at a very early age. After finishing his bachelors, he decided to deepen his understanding and knowledge of Yoga, in the meantime, he completed his masters in Yoga and science from Patanjali University, Haridwar where he also started his career of teaching. This opportunity gave him a chance to interact with thousands of people from all over the globe. While maintaining his teaching career he also continued his Ph.D. in Yoga and science, during his research he studied many ancient scriptures and books in the field of Yoga. Himanshu is passionate to teach and share his immense knowledge of Yoga which he has gained over the period of time.

Research Experience / Conference

Experience in the Field of Yoga

In present days, Himanshu is fulfilling his spiritual ambitions and enjoying the never-ending bliss. Himanshu says "I really can see, there is already so many complications in the world and Yoga is really a powerful & purest tool to make the things easy for the world. It is above then all the boundaries, Yoga has power and capacity to make this planet better, if it could reach to people with true essence". His mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone in this earth by keeping its true spirit alive.